Plastic Heating & Bending

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ABM Series Acrylic Benders

Acrylic Bender ABM-500S   SPECIFICATIONS Heating Capacity : 500mm Wire Thickness : 0.9mm Heating Type : Ni-Chrome Wire Power : 220v – 240v Dimensions : 580 X 275 X 125mm Weight : 8kg Bending up to 6mm Perspex (Bending by hand or use of a jig)   Acrylic Bender ABM-700   FEATURES : Compact and highly safe, 700mm working length, professional …

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TGG125 Desktop Heating & Bending

The TGG125 Entry Level Plastic bending machine / heating table for heating of plastic sheets up to 6 mm thick. This is a very practical “Table Top” heating model and is equipped with an under heating filament, flexible suspension as well as a control unit. The temperature of the filament is variable with the control …

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TG Desktop Heating & Bending

  The TG desktop heating machine is made from aluminium profile and has a heating system that consists of black radiators.The heating temperature is adjusted and monitored by a digital temperature controller. This ensures an exact heating of all thermoplastics. The parallel end stop that is available as an accessory is a very helpful when producing small …

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TG MO Desktop Heating & Bending

The TG MO desktop heating machine has the same design as the TG desktop heating machine, but it allows for heating panels of up to 12mm in order to make them flexible since heat is provided from both sides. Furthermore, it is equipped with a digital time switch for sequence control with an audible alarm …

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