Welcome to Beyond Laser

Welcome to Beyond Laser CNC Cutting Technology South Africa CC

Established in 2009, Beyond Laser CNC Cutting Technology South Africa CC recognised the need for good quality, reasonably priced CO2 laser cutters & engravers and CNC Routers.

Good quality equipment was available at very high initial prices and had high maintenance costs. Poor quality equipment was also available at incredibly low prices to the detriment of the customer.

All Beyond Laser CNC Cutting Technology South Africa equipment is designed and manufactured to Beyond Laser’s strict specifications to ensure quality and reliability at the most reasonable price.

Our product range includes the following:

The achievement of quality in every aspect of marketing, manufacturing, sales and after sales service is an integral part of Beyond Laser’s philosophy. Beyond laser’s commitment to customer care does not end with the sale of a machine. A highly trained, skilled and efficient team of professionals will be at the customer’s disposal for installation, training and after sales support.

Some aspects that set us apart:

  • Proven track record with over 250 successful installations countrywide and beyond since 2009
  • We deliver, install, provide training and service our machines countrywide.Many references available
  • Superior after sales support and technical assistance
  • All our equipment is manufactured to Beyond Laser Specifications which means only the best parts sourced worldwide
  • Equipment designed and tested by Beyond Laser South Africa to ensure quality and reliability
  • All spares and consumables are kept in stock
  • Quality and peace of mind guaranteed

Why Choose to buy from Beyond Laser:

  • Dedication: We take pride in providing the finest quality equipment approved by Beyond Laser South Africa as well as nurturing the relationships with those that buy from us.
  • Dependability: When you a Beyond Laser machine you get more than top quality machines you get dependability built on reputation one client at a time.
  • Innovation: At Beyond Laser we recognise the ever changing world of technology and with this in mind we strive to improve and develop new technology as part of our commitment to our customers and ourselves.
  • Affordability: Top quality at the most affordable price is what we at Beyond Laser strive for.


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