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D-Graver Granite Cube & Granite Sprint Impact Etchers

The new diamond etching machine is not a laser engraving system, it has been specifically designed to etch highly detailed ornamentation direct onto headstones. Unlike laser engraving machines the diamond etching machine does not require the stone to be level, flat or black!

What is Impact Etching?

Impact Etching is a revolutionary technology, designed for use in the memorial industry. Time tested and reliable, the image is created by a diamond tipped needle hitting the stone.  The machine adjusts the strength and frequency of the impacts to generate accurate grey scale images on the granite. The needle automatically maintains the optimal distance between the needle and the stone, allowing processing of uneven surfaces.

How does it compare to laser?

We believe diamond etching is a better fit for memorial etching than laser. It does not require that the granite be black and it penetrates much deeper than laser giving a much brighter finish than laser which just burns the surface of the granite. Setting up the etching machine is significantly more straight forward than a laser system. The head automatically controls the height of the diamond tip, the location is easy to set using the accurate variable speed motors.

What do I need to use the machine?

You will need a computer and a way of importing photographs onto it (either direct from a camera or via a scanner). If you are editing the images yourself you will need suitable software.We would recommend Corel PaintShop Pro. The new Sprint is also Wi-Fi enabled, to make the most out of this you will need a Wi-Fi connection and an android phone or tablet.

What size design can I do?

The D-Graver Granite Sprint is a portable machine that sits on top of the stone. It is capable of etching a design 400mm x 600mm in size. The smaller D-Graver cube model can etch up to 300mm x 400mm.D-Graver Granite Next can etch up to 1010 x 500mm and D-Graver Granite Max 1400 x 700mm.

How long does a needle last?

On average a needle is capable of etching over 30 portraits (6″x4″). Ultimately it depends on resolution and intensity of etching but it costs approximately R24.00 in tip wear per design.4 Needles are supplied with the machine.Replacement needles cost R700.00 Excl VAT.

How long does it take to etch an image?

It depends on the size of the image and the resolution you are etching at but expect an average 4×6″ portrait to take 15-20 minutes to etch, the new machine is twice as fast as the outgoing CP etcher.

What support can I expect to receive?

There is a 1 year warranty on the entire machine (excluding needles). We provide comprehensive manuals and video training, email and telephone support as well as remote assistance via web connection. We set all of the machines up with our configuration settings. These settings allow you to etch onto a number of different materials with a couple of different settings.  More importantly we give you all the training you need to work the machine to the best of its capability.



Machine model D-Graver Cube G-Graver Sprint
Process material Granite, gabbro, basalt, marble, glass, etc.
Maximum dimensions of processed area per one installation 400 mm х 300 mm 600 mm х 400 mm
Maximum dimension of a work piece to be processed
     when placing a work piece inside the machine – 640 mm х 390 mm x 30 mm 840 mm х 490 mm х 30 mm
      when placing the machine on a work piece – unlimited
Efficiency Head operation frequency – 200 ± 10HzProduction time of 1 dm2 at filling of 100%:density of 101 dpi – 13,5 min.density of 92 dpi – 11 min.
Flatness of working surface not more than 3 mm per 300 mm
Connection interfaces USB, LAN, Wi-Fi
Off-line operation possible
Controlling software matching the operating systems
      EngravingStudio™ Windows® XP/Vista/7/8
      Machine control panel not less than Android 4.0.x
Ooverall dimensions of the machine
      width – 590 mm 687mm
      length  750 mm 947mm
      height –

220 mm

Machine weight 24 kg 28 kg
Supply voltage 110-240 V ±10%, 50÷60 Hz
Power demand not more than 150 VA
Warranty 1 year

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