HS-B Series: Large format Flat Bed Systems


HS-B Series Laser Bed

HS-B Range – Heavy Duty large format production cutting of thin/thick materials.

No engraving with the 135W & 280W models.


HS-B Max Cutting Ability: Max Cutting Ability: Max Cutting Ability:
CO2 Laser Tube Acrylic MDF Plywood
80W 15 – 20mm 7 – 8mm 12mm
135W 25mm 12mm 18mm
280W 30mm 15mm 20mm

Model Numbers:

HS-B1325 80W – 1300 x 2500mm (Non-Metallic Applications)

HS-B1530 80W – 1500 x 3000mm (Non-Metallic Applications)

HS-B1325 135W – 1300 x 2500mm (Non-Metallic Applications)

HS-B1530 135W – 1500 x 3000mm (Non-Metallic Applications)

HS-B1325 280W – 1300 x 2500mm (Non-Metallic Applications)

HS-B1530 280W – 1500 x 3000mm (Non-Metallic Applications)

Processing Area: 1300×2500mm / 1500×3000mm


Guide Type: Imported steel strip belt; Precise gear wheel transmitting technology, The gear wheels move instead of the belt, to prevent saw tooth finish caused by vibration from long belts.

Motor: Step motor

Beam running path: Half-flying path. The laser tube runs in line with the Y-axis, ensuring that every corner of the material will have the same and even cutting quality.

Technical index:

Processing Area: 1300×2500mm / 1500×3000mm

Laser Power: 80W / 135W / 280W

Table Type: knife-strip

Max. Cutting speed: 36000mm/min

Max. Engraving speed: 64000mm/min

Resolution Ratio: 0.0064mm

Minimum Shaping Character: letter: 1×1mm

Location precision <0.01/mm

Controlling software:  DSP control system.

Compatible software: CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop

Power supply: AC 110 – 220V ±10%, 50 – 60Hz

Gross Power: <1250W

Graphic format supported: .BMP, .PLT, .AI, .DXF, .DST, .GIF and so on

Applicable industries:

Applicable for advertising, decoration, garment, leather, furniture, packaging, paper, mould etc., for professional users that need large-scale cutting capability.

Applicable materials:

Acrylic, MDF, plywood, fabric, leather, paper, plastic, compound material, etc.

Beyond Laser HS-B CO2 laser cutting system is supplied with the following:

  • Air assist pump
  • Industrial water chiller
  • Upper Blowing System
  • Extraction blower
  • Knife Strip Work Table
  • Laser software
  • On-site installation
  • Full operator training
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Unlimited support

Beyond Laser CO2 Lasers are the leaders in performance CO2 Technology:

  • CO2 Lasers are manufactured to Beyond Laser South Africa’s strict specifications and quality assurance procedures which includes all aspects of manufacturing and assembly.
  • All sub-standard parts have been removed and replaced with those to ensure the quality, reliability and longevity of our equipment.
  • All spares and consumables are kept in stock.
  • Quality and peace of mind guaranteed.

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