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BL1200 Entry Level Acrylic Bender

The BL1200 Entry Level Plastic bending machine / heating table for heating of plastic sheets up to 6 mm thick. This is a very practical “Table Top” heating model and is equipped with an under heating filament, flexible suspension as well as a control unit.

The temperature of the filament is variable with the control unit.

This is a perfect entry level bending machine / heating table for plastics.

For even heating of PMMA, Acrylate, Plexiglas, PS, PETG and PVC up to 6 mm sheet thickness.

For uniform heating of thermoplastic sheets

Technical Parameters

Product Name BL1200 Acrylic Bending Machine/Heater
Specification 1200mm
Product Size 1287mm*203mm*75mm
Bending width ≤1220mm
Maximum Bending thickness 6mm
Voltage 220V / 110V
Maximum power 800W
Rated Output 500W
Heating groove width 5mm
Cooling Type Natural cooling / Automatic air cooling / Forced air cooling
Net weight 5.2 Kg
Packing Weight 8 Kg
Packing Size 1350*280*160mm

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