Which CO2 System

There are four important points to consider when deciding which Beyond Laser system is best for your application…

1.    What is your primary use? Cutting or engraving?

Not all laser machine manufacturers differentiate between these two operations.

Our HS-S Range is optomised for production engraving and cutting applications. A real workhorse for production environments.

Our HS-E Entry Level  Engraver is optomised for engraving and hobby entry level cutting applications.

Our HS-R Range is optomised for heavy duty production cutting and engraving of roll materials at high precision. Equipped with auto feeding system and auto drifting corrector.

Our HS-B Range is optomised for large format heavy duty production cutting and engraving.

Our HS-BM Combination Range is optomised for non production thin metal cutting as well as cutting of all other non-metallics at high precision. For production cutting of metals have a look at our range of fiber lasers. https://www.beyondlaser.co.za/products/cnc-metal-cutting-fibre-laser/

The difference between laser cutting systems and engraving is in the optics and laser power which are identified for the specific task the machine is designed for. Higher laser powers are needed for cutting at production speeds. Our larger cutting machines are fitted with an optical system designed for this purpose, maximising the productivity obtainable from their powerful 80W, 135W & 300W laser tubes.

Beyond Laser HS-E Desktop Engraver & HS-S Lasers are optomised for engraving with optics to give a sharper focus for very fine detail. All our laser cutters and laser engraving machines can perform both tasks, but it is best to choose the model based on your volume requirements.

In Summary:

HS-E Entry Level Engraver – Entry level engraver complete with motorized table. Rotary attachment available as an optional accessory.

HS-S Range –  Heavy Duty Production System equipped with a motorised table. Rotary attachment available as an optional accessory.

HS-R Range – Heavy duty production cutting and engraving of roll materials – Examples: Fabric & Leather

HS-B Range – Heavy Duty large format production cutting of thin/thick materials.

HS-BM Combination Range – Non production cutting of metals and production cutting of all other non-metallics. Engraving is not recommended. Engraving with the 135W & 300W laser is not recommended and will cause tube failure.

2.Which materials are you looking to process?

Generally, the harder the material, the greater the power of laser required for a given task. Thickness of the material also needs consideration. Higher power lasers are capable of deeper penetration into any given material. For specialist materials and metals, please contact us for advice on the best machine for your application.

Beyond Laser – Max Cutting Ability: Max Cutting Ability: Max Cutting Ability: Max Cutting Ability:
CO2 Laser Tube Acrylic MDF Plywood Mild Steel & Stainless Steel HS-BM
60W 8 – 10mm 4 – 5mm 6mm
80W 15 – 20mm 7 – 8mm 12mm
135W 25mm 12mm 18mm 0.5 – 1mm
300W 30mm 15mm 20mm 0.5 – 3mm

3.What size of sheet material will you use for your job?

This is more straight forward. Select a machine with a bed with a larger size than the part you need to cut or engrave. Nesting smaller items on a larger sheet can significantly improve productivity and reduce waste. Larger machines are better if you have high volumes to produce.

4.The choice of machine shouldn’t be made on budget alone

This is obviously very important, and you will soon realise that it is not wise to buy a system that ‘might just do’ when for a little extra the correct machine for the job will more than pay for itself by greater productivity and reliability.

What materials can be laser engraved or laser cut on a Beyond Laser CO2 System :

Materials Engrave Cut
Wood x x
Acrylic x x
Glass x
Coated Metals x
Ceramic x
Traffolyte x x
Fabric x x
Leather x x
Marble x
Matte Board x x
Melamine x x
Paper/Cardboard x x
Mylar x x
MDF x x
Wood Veneer x x
Fibreglass x x
Mild Steel * (Laser Paste)
HS-BM 135W 0.5 – 1mm

HS-BM 300W 0.5 – 3mm

Tiles x
Plastics x x
Cork x x
Corian x x
Anodized Aluminium x
Ceramics x
Stainless Steel * (Laser Paste)
HS-BM 135W 0.5 – 1mm

HS-BM 300W 0.5 – 3mm

Brass * (Laser Paste)
Titanium * (Laser Paste)
Bare Metals * (Laser Paste)

Notes: Engrave * indicates that the marking process will require the use of a laser paste or spray. For non-production cutting of  Mild Steel & Stainless Steel have a look at our combination C02 Laser: 135W & 300W Lasers. https://www.beyondlaser.co.za/products/cnc-co2-lasers-non-metallic-applications/hs-b-series-combination-metal-non-metal/

For production metal processing have a look at our range of Fiber Lasers:


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