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BL-1390F Fiber Laser

Technical Parameters:

Laser wavelength 1070-1080 nm
Cutting area 1300*900(mm)
Z-axis path 100 mm
Machine tolerance ± 0.02 mm/m
Repetition tolerances ± 0.01 mm
Maximum support weight of the table About 500kg
X,Y-axis location accuracy ≤±0.01mm
X,Y-axis repeat location accuracy ≤±0.01mm
X,Y-axis idle moving speed 80m/min
Max cutting speed ≤45m/min
Requisite voltage: 3x380V±10%
Maximum voltage tolerance: +6% / -10%
Cutting thickness:
Materials 1500W
Stainless steel (N2) 6mm
Carbon steel (O2) 14mm
Aluminium (N2) 4mm
Brass (N2) 3mm
Copper (N2) 3mm

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