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1.How much does it cost to run a laser machine?

There are three main areas for a laser machine’s running costs:

  • power consumption
  • consumable parts
  • maintenance

2.What do I need to get started with a Beyond laser?

Beyond Laser will provide you with almost all of the equipment needed to start your laser machine working – all you need to supply is the space for the machine to stand and a computer for your laser machine as well as design software like Coraldraw if required.Beyond Laser will provide the laser machine, software and accessories and training on how to use it all.

3.Which computer do I need to run my Beyond laser machine?

The PC required for running the laser should have a minimum specification of:

PC Type Tower PC recommended.
Laptop or slim line PC acceptable.
Processor Pentium 4
RAM Minimum 500MB
Recommended 1GB
Hard Disk 40 GB
Display 1024 x 768
256 Colours
Expansion 2 USB 2.0 ports
Operating System Windows 7
Windows 8.1
Windows 10

Whilst a relatively low specification of PC is adequate for running the laser machine, if there are other applications, software or services using significant processing power whilst the laser machine is running, this may cause disruption to the laser cutting and/or engraving process.

4.Can Beyond Laser Machines engrave on Metals?

Yes. CO2 laser machines are able to mark coated metals such as anodised aluminium, or you can use a metal marking paste or spray to engrave on stainless steel and similar uncoated materials.The laser beam will not etch into the metal, but rather performs a small chemical reaction with the coating on the metal to change the colouring, creating a black permanent mark.To etch into the surface of metals you will require a fibre laser engraver.

5.Can Beyond laser CO2 machines cut metal?

Only our combination CO2 lasers HS-BM 135W & 300W can cut through thin metals.Lower power CO2 laser beams will reflect off the metal and are unable to cut through the surface.To cut though metals you can use a different type of laser such as Fibre laser machines which are specially designed to cut through metals.

6.What support do I get with my laser machine?

All of our machines come with unlimited, lifetime support.If you have a problem or any questions you can use our online contact form to send us an email and one of our technical engineers will come back to you with a response as quickly as possible.Beyond Laser provide both warranty and support on all our products.

7.Why does Beyond Laser not provide support or supply parts for other brand machines?

  • To maintain our high standard quality control and warranty procedures
  • To focus on providing the best possible support for Beyond Laser machine owners
  • To provide the best possible parts designed and tested for Beyond Laser equipment

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