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CNC Routers: Light Duty

BK6090 CNC Router

Model     Desktop BK9060 Desktop BK9060
X-Y-Z axis working area:    600 x 900 x 120mm 600 x 900 x 120mm
Table size:    600 x 900mm 600 x 900mm
Resolution:    0.0025mm 0.025mm
X-Y-Z movement:   Ball screw manufactured in Taiwan Ball screw drive manufactured in Taiwan
Max. Speed:    11,000mm/min 11,000mm/min
Max. Cutting speed:    8,000mm/min 8,000mm/min
Spindle:    1.5kw air cooled 3.5kw Air Cooled
Spindle speed:    18,000rpm 18,000rpm
Inverter power:    3.5kw 3.5kw
Drive motors:    Stepper Stepper
Working voltage:    AC220V/380v            / 50 – 60Hz AC220V/380v/50-60Hz
Command code:    G code G code
Computer interface:    USB 2.2 USB 2.4
Collet:    ER20 – 6mm, 3.175mm ER25 – 6mm, 3.175mm
Software:    Vectric Cut 2D Pro Vectric Cut 2D Pro
Controls:    DSP A11 (Digital Signal Processor) DSP A11 (Digital Signal Processor)
Machine Weight:    150Kg 150Kg
Equipment available:    Auto tool surface sensor Auto tool surface sensor

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